Re "The government, along with academia and mainstream media, are conveniently exempt from the bill. This is particularly ironic..."

Ironic?!?!? There's the understatement of the century!

The Australian government/s and academia, along with the medical 'profession', the legal system, and the mainstream media have been behind the biggest misinformation/disinformation scandal of all time with the 'Covid' scam, under the direction of their globalist handlers.


We've been subjected to a deliberately manufactured ‘PHEIC’ aka FAKE! pandemic to terrorise the world’s people; steal their freedom; fleece them of trillions of dollars; mask/muzzle them; test, test, test; destroyed privacy with surveillance, and repeatedly injected people, even under MANDATES!!!

And all against a disease even the wretched WHO admitted from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people… And also described as a 'low risk infection' by US 'Military Medical Leaders' on 5 March 2020...think about that! See: "A low risk infection... even in the absence of a vaccine" So why was there a 'vaccine solution'? https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/a-low-risk-infection-even-in-the

We are in the midst of the biggest crime of all time!

And major perpetrators in this debacle are those in the medical ‘profession’ who wielded the needles, collaborating with coercion, intimidation and MANDATES, they violated voluntary informed consent.

This is the sleeper story that is waiting to emerge, that there's NO VALID CONSENT for the Covid injections, see for example: Coercion, intimidation and mandates preclude voluntary informed consent for vaccination. There has been no valid consent for COVID-19 vaccination: https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/coercion-intimidation-and-mandates

Is the 'misinformation' bill really about trying to protect those responsible for a crime that has already happened...

Let's stop being deflected from the main game, and that is exposing how the Covid scam got off the ground...

See for example "Fake Crisis, Real Tyranny" Who's behind the WHO - and the 'Next Pandemic'? https://democracymanifest.substack.com/p/fake-crisis-real-tyranny

The Democracy Manifest article includes reference to the curious fact that it was actually then Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who called 'the pandemic' before the WHO in February 2020... What motivated Morrison to initiate the manufactured crisis for a 'low risk infection'?

So much to look back on now...

PS: Great article Andrew, thanks for all the info.

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Great article.

I flagged the danger of this Bill in conjunction with the WA Health Act last year. One American reader called it "the Patriot Act on steroids." When they pull the next health Emergency, it's on. https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/the-australian-government-may-legally

"The Australian government may legally disappear and inject you using force and your family will be silenced."

If the laws are on the books, they will use them (as we have seen).

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Whatever REGULATIONS THEY SNEAK INTO THE CODE...It's 'ANTI-LAW' as Western Law lies ultimately with and based in 'The Holy Bible.' The powers that be just no longer wish to adhere to that since 'The People' became wise to the fact of NATURAL LAW PLACING POWER WITHIN ALL and not just the immoral/unethical willing to do anything to STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY as the old Kings, Peers, Bankers, Corporatists.

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In other words, anyone publicly disagreeing with the Aussie government's official narrative will be labeled a peddler of disinformation and can be tossed in prison at some government agent's discretion. Surely the Aussie government will deny it to the end, but this policy is pilfered directly from the official communist party handbook.

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The ACMA bill is gentler and more insidious. It is happy for platforms to quietly message the public discourse just like they've been doing. No need to jail anyone.

The government's role is to make sure all the platforms stay on message.

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You can look up the CV of Albo’s new minister for silence Julie Inman Grant . She expresses her admiration for her true leaders and admiration at the WEF.

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Do you have any credibility you need to post the policy and point out the part of the legislation that supports your nebulous gibberish. You haven’t done that because, it doesn’t exist.

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And you are so thick, calling you dumber than a box of rocks would insult the gravel in my driveway.

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Apparently being thick and dumber than rocks makes you an expert.

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Ad hominem BS all u got?

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Steve Friedman already nailed it - challenging the official version of events with the truth will be made illegal.

The liar is always afraid of the truth while the truth never fears a lie.

A couple of examples come to mind such as the lie based response to 9-11 and the subsequent cover up all the way to the pivot to China and the fake pandemic for a non existent virus.

Just after 9-11 the Australian government ran a ''If you see something say something''.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks did exactly that by exposing war crimes and had his life ruined in the process they've even contemplated killing him.

Andrew Wilkie is another who exposed government lies with the truth and had his career ruined faster then anyone can say inner party coup.

Many still haven't figured out that the pandemic was a fraud or that there really is a genocide taking place by the Israeli's in Gaza.

I don't have a problem with posting the truth - the real problem however is that our so called political representatives are catering to another faceless entity which is not the electorate but the financial elite,

War is a racket so are politics.

''When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it'' - Frederic Bastiat

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Wow, tremendous research. It could be helpful to show graphically that the Australian draft law was a cut and paste of something provided by a so-called NGO…

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I’m sure you’re right, although I believe the globalists are getting terrified that too many people are realising what they’re up to and they want to censure all public comment to save their necks. Beware the cornered rats .

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The fascism, to use the literal meaning of the word, being implemented between government, "approved" social or mainstream media, big business, the bureaucracy and academia leaves Mussolini looking like a rank amateur.

As with 1930's Europe, the bulk of the populace either approve or remain blissfully ignorant, engrossed in their bread and circuses.

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The Aspen Institute is largely funded by the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Gates Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. Just the people you want writing your laws.

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Problem, Reaction, Solution - Revolution!

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Very helpful research into those who would undermine freedom of speech, and one to bookmark for reference. Especially thankful for the summary about the Aspen Institute table-top exercise that the prestige media participated in. If anyone needs a go-to reference, this is it.

The worldwide anti-disinformation effort reveals the level of condescension our cultural and political elites have toward those not working among their cultural power centers. What an elitist, arrogant bunch we have attempting to steer our cultural values and establish the permissable parameters of national conversations.

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I want all these 'creeps' to 'go down' completely tangled up in their own web of lies. It is both appalling and frightening the extent of the subterfuge they all peddle to repress Truth for their own ends. eg. The Covid 'debacle' and the constantly changing 'popular' narrative. Not once, did the Government even think to consider the 'counter-narrative' put forth by credible health professionals from around the world who risked hostility, defunding, silencing, threats of de-registration for trying to promote a 'balanced' view. There is a cabal of 'unconscionable' pariahs - the 'deplorables' whose hearts and minds are so seared, 'they can only devise evil continually'. Yes - and it is outrageous that the government, along with academia and mainstream media are conveniently exempt from this Bill. And these are the 'offenders' who slyly propagate the cesspool of 'misinformation'. Yet, so stupid, they dont see their own bias.

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Great work. This is the hill to die on

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Misinformation is what is being forwarded to public as truth in different colours supported by weak govt hiding their misdeeds on several levels & as for e-Safety measures useless manufactured expensive job for bureaucrats Enough Concentration should be on immigration excess housing lack health system youth crime rising inflation living costs & real issues

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Ha! So that's what it's all about :D :D

Protecting the Elite from the exposure of their dark secrets.

Lowercase omg.

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As western society has become more matriarchal; safetyism, maternalism for "perceived" marginalized groups and misandry have shaped the discourse in western countries. Feelings, exemplified by the concept of "my truth", will take precedence over inconvenient facts or rational thought. Of course, those in power merely use these tools to keep or increase their power.

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Harmful. What’s harmful? ‘Well, you know, something that causes harm…’

What’s harm? Well, you know, harm is something that’s, well, harmful. Anyway, don’t worry about it, we’ll decide for you, we, along with our panel of experts that we conveniently arranged (and paid) earlier, will decide for you. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine….. just two weeks to stop the disinformation.

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Any efforts to end geopolitical rival agitprop is seen as censorship by only one clique. The publishing entity of the agitprop.


You folk must be pretty damn stupid, if you think we’re that stupid.

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