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I don’t agree with much of what he says, but he’s got balls! His was the most passionate, courageous testimony I’ve ever seen delivered on the House floor. Will it inspire a revolt agains the Censorship Industrial Complex or is it the last gasp of a democracy that’s been slowly dying ever since his uncle was assassinated? Only time will tell.

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Thank you Andrew. Keep up the great work.

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Thank you for continuing to fight for free speech. I don't know much about RFK, to be totally honest, but I do know that a genuine democracy requires that anyone running for public office be given the opportunity to speak their piece so the people can make their own fully informed decisions.

I also wanted to mention that I discovered this afternoon that I had been automatically unsubscribed from your Substack without my knowledge (I was also unsubscribed from about 15 other blogs). I've obviously re-subscribed, but I wanted you to be aware that happened.

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I've never seen a better speech in the halls of Congress than this one. RFK Jr. should not only stop being attacked by the Dem establishment but he should be the new face of it. I've never been more proud of a Democrat in recent times than I am with this speech. He will bring this country together and that scares the hell out of the establishment because that is their whole playbook to keep us divided and fighting each other while they get richer and more powerful. We need to come together and lift ourselves out of this mess we're in and RFK Jr. is just the person to lead that charge.

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Whilst this in an obvious example of things gone wrong in the states, don’t think this shit is limited to there. Even my own motherland, the formally shat on happy go lucky country of Ireland is getting in on it.

Andrew, great as always. Thanks man....

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Thank you, Andrew. Yes, we are witnessing things never before imagined in this country of ours. There is a deep evil afoot.

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Thanks for sharing that Kennedy video. Another example of 'democracy' in the trenches.

I had just read Julian MacFarlance's latest post. I extract his intro which is a timeline of crazy geopolitical events and related facts the past 6 weeks:

June 4 Ukraine begins Combined Arms counteroffensive with disastrous results.

June 21 Biden calls Xi a dictator.

July 5 China cuts off US supply of rare metals in response to new US sanctions. China now just 1 to 2 years behind in semiconductor race.

July 5 Russian economic indicators positive. Growth 1.5% to 2.0%, upward trend.

July 6 Yellen to China. Criticizes China’s treatment of foreign companies.

July 7 Biden announces banned cluster munitions for Ukraine.

July 12 Fox releases email possibly implicating Biden in Burisma scandal directly.

July 11-12 NATO summit. Wine & dine.

July 13 Biden sends 3000 reservists to Europe. Purpose unclear.

July 16 Janet Yellen says aid for Ukraine War “best boost” for global economy. Make war, make money.

July 16 Kerry to Beijing. Criticizes Chinese efforts to preserve the environment. Chinese emissions reduced last year by over 8%. American emissions reduced by 0.8%.

July 16 Pentagon announces Europeans can begin training Ukrainian pilots to fly the F16 due in early 2024 when Abrams tanks may also be available for destruction.

July 17 F35s & F16s sent to middle east to bully Iran which has most advanced AD system in the ME and is acquiring Su35s.

July 17 Russians certify 14 violations of deconfliction protocols by Syria and over 300 violations of flight safety rules by US drones. US complains Russians are being “provocative”.

July 17 Underwater attack on Kerch bridge using British MI6 supplied drones launched from civilian vessels.

July 17 Russia announces withdrawal from grain deal. West says Russia starving poor countries, like Germany. Russia says it will give Third World countries that need it free grain.

July 17 Dollar’s share of global reserves, 73% in 2001, drops to lowest level —below 47%. Americans say dedollarization will never happen in our lifetime— which unfortunately may be shorter than expected.

July 18 Russia destroys military facilities in Odessa and Nikolaev in the biggest strikes on these cities in the war. As fires rage, Ukraine says it destroyed all missiles.

July 18 China sees 2023 growth over 6%. US skirts recession at about 1 %.

July 19 More strikes in the Odessa, Nikolaev region. Russia warns all foreign vessels to leave .

July 19 EU-LatAm Summit. Latin America refuses to support EU policies on Ukraine.

July 19 Military analysts estimate more than 1/3 of foreign supplied equipment for the AFU destroyed and up to half of its NATO trained army.

July 19 Russia making gains in the Lyman, Kupyansk areas and others.

July 19 General Milley Chairman of the Joint Chiefs says Ukraine making “progress.” Counteroffensive not a failure.

July 19 NATO says it will switch emphasis from supplying weapons to fixing them, due to lack of weapons available.

July 19 IRS whistleblower testify to Congress about DOJ coverup of Biden scandal.

July 20 Russian MoD declares naval blockade of Ukraine. Foreign ships entering Ukrainian harbors will be considered to be carrying weapons and destroyed.

July 20 DOJ considering charges of seditious conspiracy against Trump. Trump fans rally.


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When he goes on about children being submerged in a toxic soup that results in gender morphing, he loses me.

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