Wow, Matt Taibbi's comment: "even more nakedly dystopian than the US".

And maybe our "Social Cohesion Division" can be alerted to a very well-funded group doing their best to destroy the social cohesion of the nation: The "Voice". It's aiming for the exact opposite of "social cohesion".

The Marxists use these tools all the time, when does our side start fighting back? Like how they trolled through Pauline Hanson's Tweets from two years ago, found "hate speech" and filed lawsuits to try to get her ousted from Parliament. We need to be out there doing the same, even if it's just to occupy resources.

Luckily there is some good news on the Voice: https://resistanceactionaustralia.substack.com/p/great-news-on-the-voice

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Speaking of Australia... excess deaths and vaccine adverse event reports data looks pretty sketchy. https://youtu.be/UR1X9O2lMlA

Also -- typo:

"Racket has unearth 18 emails from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) requesting 222 tweets be taken down."

Should be:

"Racket has uneathed..."

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Australian stasi arrest violators of confinement or curfew and display their haul of illegal goods.

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Stay home or lose your meal and freedom.

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The covidian lunacy knows no borders or bounds. They’re fairly quiet here except for a few liberal enclaves and college campuses trying to force people to get jabbed or force school kids back in masks. But nobody’s taking their snake oil or listening to Fauci anymore. Thankfully Elon opened Twitter and Tailibi and Berenson keep showing the light on the rats

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Thanks for the heads up!

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