NetworkAffects explores the growing digital authoritarianism of our times - privacy threats, bio-metric ID, surveillance, programmable currencies, and attacks on digital civil liberties and free expression from the ‘anti-disinformation’ and ‘fact-checking’ fields.

I currently direct liber-net, a digital civil liberties initiative.

I am the co-founder and former executive director of EngageMedia, an Asia-Pacific digital rights, open and secure technology, and documentary non-profit. I am a former fellow of Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and MIT’s Open Documentary Lab.

I have worked in human rights and technology for more than 25 years. Something has changed—the progressive spaces that used to be the biggest defenders of free speech and digital autonomy now frequently side with BigTech and Big Government.

I worked with Matt Taibbi on the #TwitterFiles and lead the mapping of the Censorship-Industrial Complex.

I am developing NetworkAffects to bring accountability and transparency to the captured ‘anti-disinformation’ and digital rights fields. Please consider a paid subscription to support that work.

You can contact me at or @NAffects.

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Digital authoritarianism, digital civil liberties, privacy, and free expression.


Andrew Lowenthal

I am a writer and consultant focused on digital authoritarianism. I manage the Network Affects Substack, write for Racket and Public, and direct the digital civil liberties start-up