Thank you for your work. You did the right thing. The public has no disinformation burden. This is a fabrication of obligation by a predatory class of undersecretaries. Please continue to care for this beat.

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You’re not serious.

Taibbi’s political binary is the range between a Trumper and a self-described “Eisenhower Republican”. And now he’s a China hawk.

Recently, June 9th, you tweeted “Even Zuckerberg has caught up with reality”.

The reality is that Facebook controls what people read, and censor at request if it serves their interest, which like yours is financial.


Zuckerberg: A Blueprint for Content Governance and Enforcement

“One of the biggest issues social networks face is that, when left unchecked, people will engage disproportionately with more sensationalist and provocative content. This is not a new phenomenon. It is widespread on cable news today and has been a staple of tabloids for more than a century. At scale it can undermine the quality of public discourse and lead to polarization. In our case, it can also degrade the quality of our services.

Our research suggests that no matter where we draw the lines for what is allowed, as a piece of content gets close to that line, people will engage with it more on average -- even when they tell us afterwards they don't like the content.

This is a basic incentive problem that we can address by penalizing borderline content so it gets less distribution and engagement. By making the distribution curve look like the graph below where distribution declines as content gets more sensational, people are disincentivized from creating provocative content that is as close to the line as possible.

This process for adjusting this curve is similar to what I described above for proactively identifying harmful content, but is now focused on identifying borderline content instead. We train AI systems to detect borderline content so we can distribute that content less.”

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